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Live it up in Chandler

Looking for the best place in the U.S. where you can live a great life? Why not live in Chandler, Arizona, given a 79 liveability score by AreaVibes. That’s 9 points higher than the U.S. in general and 10 points higher than the state of Arizona.

So what makes Chandler such a great place to live in?

It has a strong housing market.

While the Chandler real property value goes up and down same as the rest of the U.S., it has a high housing occupancy rate with only a median home value of about $255,000. That makes it quite cheap to buy a great house with a steel garage door in Chandler.  Definitely a great place to start a family and raise 2.5 kids.

Chandlerites earn enough money to live comfortably.

This is definitely a great come-on for those looking to move to Chandler. Note that in terms of median household income, Chandler families get an income of about $71,000. Compare that with the rest of the U.S. which earns about $51,000. So you’re gearing up for the move now?

Intel is inside Chandler.

There’s a reason why Chandlerites earn quite a good amount of money. Intel’s 1.7 billion manufacturing facility is in the city and employs about 11,900 people. What’s more, there are other tech companies in the area such as Gangplank for those interested in working in technology jobs.

Chandler is the golfing mecca.

Work and play find a great balance here in Chandler especially with its wide array of golf courses. The oldest golf resort in Arizona is in Chandler, the San Marcos Golf Resort, now known as the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Golf Resort. With its 200 golf courses, Chandler is the world’s premier golf destination.

Chandler is known as the U.S. Most Playful City

For seven years running, Chandler holds the crown of Humana Foundation’s KaBOOM’s Most Playful City. This is because the city itself has really invested its efforts and resources to make play and physical activity a public priority.

Chandler is a city of art and culture.

With public art on display all over the city and in its myriad local parks and downtown, including the Chandler Center for the Art and the Vision Art Gallery, Chandler is definitely teeming with culture. Pop in to watch a local ballet performance or watch a play on its arts theater or hear the Chandler Symphony Orchestra. You will definitely not get bored in Chandler.

Chandler has an eccentric festivity.

Have you ever been to Chandler’s annual Ostrich Festival? It is a sight to behold. See a man ride an ostrich or a dozen of them at once. Watch a giant floating hamster ball, ride a camel, take in a mesmerizing performance of circus acts – all of these can be found in Chandler.

Downtown Chandler is always evolving.

The city of Chandler is always making sure that it is a liveable and wonderful place for its people. In 2010, a new City Hall Complex was built with fresh pedestrian walkways, bike paths and other activity areas. The place has become the venue for the April Chalk Walk to regular parades and festivals making Chandler a exciting place to be especially on weekends.

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