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Lake Havasu – A Dog-Friendly City in Arizona

Are you planning on going into a vacation but dreading to leave Fido behind? Are you looking for a place dog-friendly enough where your furry best-friend could share the fun with you?

Then all your worries have to stop now with a dog-friendly vacation you could have in Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu, with its scenic views and various outdoors activities you could enjoy, makes it the primary tourist spot in Arizona. It is not restricted to any type of visitors – even ones bringing their barking best friends, as such.

Dogs are welcome in Lake Havasu

Dogs have already come to be as man’s best friends since time immemorial. They are treated as a member of the family, sometimes even kept as a baby to be spoiled. This is why, it is sometimes hard to be apart from them when a family decides to have a vacation.

Many in Lake Havasu recognize this trouble and strive to make the vacation of every family as enjoyable as possible by letting them have their furry best friends with them. In fact, from accommodations to some tourist spots popular in the area, dogs are welcomed with open arms.

There are already many hotels, motels and suites that are dog friendly. You could choose from Hampton Inn Lake Havasu City, Island Inn Hotel, Lake Havasu Travelodge, Motel 6 Lake Havasu City, and Best Western Parker Inn, among others to be one of the best for you and your pet. If you prefer a more residential feel that makes you feel at home in the area, there are also a lot of short-term condo and vacation rentals that flood the area. Most of them are dog-friendly and even have wonderfully built garage doors for the safety of your cars and car rentals. No more hassle for you, just good times.

If you want to be ore at one with nature in terms of lodging, you could also go camping with your dogs, which is another popular option for pet owners when they travel in the area.

For activities to enjoy, if you are an active individual and enjoys water-related activities, then you could bring your dogs for a boat ride or for doggie-paddling. You could dip into the beach or practice your team swimming with your sidekick. If you get tired, you could just lounge on deck bathing in the relaxing afternoon sun to unwind.

Dogs are even welcome to almost all public parks. Take them with you for a hike at the popular Mohave Sunset Trail and just enjoy the sceneries and wild flowers abundant along the way. You could even stop once in a while as you take a selfie with your dogs at the beautiful desert and shoreline in the area. You only not build your relationship this way, it also strengthen your bonds with your pet.

If you fancy a stroll, you could also take your best friend at the iconic London Bridge in the area. There you could mingle with other pet-owners who walk their pets with them. While doing so, not only could you witness evidences that was left by World War II on the bridge, you could also learn more about its underlying history with your furry sidekick as your guard and company – definitely hitting MORE THAN 2 birds in one stone.

If you consider Lake Havasu City as your next vacation destination with your beloved Fido, there is no doubt that you’re only going to have satisfaction and contentment by the time you go back to real life. That, and your relationship with your pet would be better than ever.

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