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Lake Havasu City – Where Dream Vacation is a Reality

It is not every day when one could just take a break from their busy daily schedule. With workloads to complete, schools to attend to for the kids, stressful meetings and just long hours of meeting other daily tasks, one could not simply get up and leave everything behind on a whim. This is why, in times when a vacation is in order, one couldn’t help but get excited and find a great place to have some fun and just relax.

If you are from Arizona and looking for somewhere near, then surely Lake Havasu City is on the top of your list. Not only does it provide the best sceneries, it has many different activities all year that could be enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike.

Fun Activities to Enjoy

Lake Havasu is the home to Arizona’s sandy beaches. It is a large fresh water reservoir located behind Parker Dam on the Colorado River. It offers three boat ramps, 47 campsites, picnic areas and various beaches to be enjoyed by people seeking relaxation or adventure.

One will never get bored on various water sports activities they available in Lake Havasu such as boating, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkelling, and scuba diving, among others. You can also explore the hidden coves and beaches in this city through your own boat or by renting one. If you get tired and you just want to sit down, relax and get the perfect tan, Lake Havasu City also has superb beaches to choose from. Take advantage of the fresh water that has the perfect 20-25 feet depth for swimming.

If you want a drier adventure, you could explore the Mohave Sunset Trail in Lake Havasu State Park that runs approximately 1.75 miles and winds along the desert and shoreline. You could also take a stroll on the residential streets and just be amazed of the Lake Havasu neighborhood. Take in the beauty of the architectural structure of some residential properties there and get inspiration on the extravagance of the design of their garage doors.

While you are already in Lake Havasu, get acquainted with the Iconic London Bridge by taking a 45-minute walking tour with Lake Havasu City Visitor Center. Witness the scars left on the bridge’s granite surface by the event of World War II.

Lake Havasu is also the home to several shopping districts and novelty shops. Enjoy shopping for clothes, jewelries and souvenirs you could take home to your love ones. Bring your partner with you and have a romantic lunch at one of Island Fashion mall’s restaurants which give the perfect view of the scenic Bridgewater Channel. After that, if you are feeling like it, explore the best boutique shops at the Uptown District shopping area for gourmet food, fine art and other specialty shop. Then at night, feel the beat of good music and party at various bars and clubs in the DownTown District.

With all the sceneries and the activities present in Lake Havasu City, nothing would go wrong with your vacation. Your enjoyment is a sure thing and you’ll go home refreshed and feeling energized more than ever.

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