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Why Lake Havasu is the Best Spring Break Destination?

Spring break is almost at your doorsteps. Have you already planned a getaway trip with your friends? If not, then you should try traipsing to Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu City is a city in Mohave County and home to the sandy beaches of Arizona.  Not only it is the best place to flaunt your bikinis and get the perfect tan in the state, it also offers various recreational activities for your enjoyment.

The Ever-Dynamic Lake Havasu City

Events all year round

Lake Havasu City is known as “Arizona’s Playground.” With it being a party community, it’s buzzing with life and entertainment all-year long. It is always alive with events where the prime months are from March to September.

Such events include various water sport tournaments such boating and professional fishing, and jet skiing – the city being the location for the International World Jet Ski Final Races. There are also the popular custom boat regattas, Havasu 95 Speedway and the annual Western Winter Blast pyrotechnics convention. Included in the annual events in the area also are Chilln-n-Swilln Beer Festival, Havasu Triathlon and Half Marathon, and the Havasu Island Hot Air Balloon Fest and Fair. These events are attended by hundred thousands of people from different places annually.

Never-ending activities to enjoy

In Lake Havasu City, spring break is never boring with fun activities to be done with your friends or your families. You can enjoy learning various water-related activities such as scuba diving, paddlesports, wakeboarding and waterskiing. You could also enjoy the relaxing feel of fishing or just swimming and sun bathing. If you are more inclined to do out of the water activities, you can simply enjoy biking, golfing, and going on a hike at the Mohave Sunset Trail that is about 1.75 miles.  Enjoy ticking your day hike checklist and witnessing various desert wildflowers that are unique in the area.

The London Bridge is also a popular site to visit if you are in Lake Havasu. Inject a little bit historical exploration in your spring break by joining the 90-minute tour conducted by Lake Havasu City Visitor Center of the iconic bridge for only 10$. Learn the story behind the nursery rhyme “London Bridge”, the dismantling and reconstruction of the popular bridge, and the damage it incurred during the World War II.

If you get tired, you could always take a rest at various parks in the area such as the popular Lake Havasu State Park, Rotary Community Park, and Sara Park, among others. You could also relax on one of the restaurants that pepper the inside of Fashion Mall that gives you a great view of the Bridgewater Channel. There is nothing more relaxing in having your spring break than by relaxing surrounded by a scenic view and good food. Surely, you’ll feel more than refreshed and ready to pick up your academic life kicking after getting your fill of Lake Havasu.

Places to stay

Lake Havasu has every accommodation fitted to everyone’s lifestyle. With the use of online booking tools, you could easily choose from the best in the area. Pick from the most luxurious hotel and suites to the ragged and adventurous campgrounds, all of which are equipped with materials for your most basic needs.

You could also choose to feel one with the locals and patronize condominium units and vacation rentals amidst the residential areas that house breathtaking houses with skilfully decorated garage doors for your car rentals. Depending on the area, most are just a stone throw away from Lake Havasu’s best attractions.

Surely, whatever it is your heart desires to accomplish for your spring break, you can have it in Lake Havasu City. Even if you decide to go alone for some soul searching, or with families and friends, every craving for adventure could be satisfied in Lake Havasu.

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