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Lake Havasu – the Best Place to Satisfy the Hunger of Your Stomach

Lake Havasu is the most popular lake along the Colorado River. Every year, more than 2.5 million people from world over flock in the area to enjoy the sceneries, the unique recreational activities, and partake in annual international and local events that are most-awaited in the area. They spend time to integrate themselves in the culture of their area as they party with good drinks and music at night or simply by taking a stroll at the particular historic point of interest – the London Bridge.

With no restrictions in who could come to visit, and the place being dog and pet-friendly, its popularity among people who wants to experience relaxation, peace of mind, fun times, and over all just a time out from their stresses in life, just continue to increase.

Add the handsome mixture of old and new architectural residential properties in the area that overlook to the scenic Bridgewater Channel that features amazing lights from boats at night. With their awe-inspiring landscaping and intricately designed garage doors that bring out their grandeur, Lake Havasu is simply the place to be in.

But the allure of the place does not simply stop there. Food is also one of the most sought-after attractions that invite people there.

Mouth-watering Dishes

One of the most looked-forward affair after going exploring every tourist attraction in a place is the sumptuous meal you get to have at the end of the day. In Lake Havasu, you won’t get disappointed. In fact, it would keep you coming back for more.

You have a huge variety to choose from. Whether you want to enjoy an Asian cuisine, Mexican, Italian, among others, they have it all. There are more than 100 restaurants ranging from ice cream parlors to beachside bar and grills to choose from, the price ranging from ritzy to reasonable. There are also various bars and cafes that spread in the area. If you are craving for a steak, they have that too, together with pizza joints and sports bars.

Since Lake Havasu is a deep body of water with coves and inlets that make it an ideal fishing destination, fishes and seafoods are one of the most in demand type of food here. If you are craving for the same particular taste than you could head to Shugrue’s Restaurant and Brewery Group. It is a waterfront dining with unbeatable wine list in the area. They offer mouth-watering seafood dishes and even steaks that would keep you asking for more. Add the stunning view of the Bridgewater Channel and London Bridge from some parts of the restaurant and the availability of intimate and semi-private dining areas, it is a place that makes your dining experience in town memorable.

River Willow and ChaBones Steakhouse & Tapas Bar are other two restaurants that cater amazing seafood dishes. Both have top notch service and good atmosphere that would be a great conclusion to your night.

There are also restaurants to try that peppered the Island Fashion Mall. Dining in the place would likewise give you a nice view of the Bridgewater Channel. While you are at it, you could also feed your inner shopaholic self and explore the stores in the areas. Find cute little trinkets that you could bring home to your loved ones, shop for clothes, jewelries, souvenirs and novelty items that would mark your trip in the beautiful Lake Havasu.

Vacation is never boring when you decide to head to Lake Havasu. Not only would you be feeding the needs of your soul, you could also give yourself an uplift by satisfying your stomachs with fresh foods in the area.

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