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Kansas, Where Breathtaking Rock Formations Lie

There are beautiful places to travel to, but the unspoiled beauty that lies in the state of Kansas still makes it a popular travel destination all year round.

This state boasts a rich Native American culture that could be traced from its every corner. It is evident from the architectural style of every building and residential areas that could be both rustic and elegant in its own way. It is carried all around by locals in the hint of accent when they speak, the presence of wagons that could be ridden in some parts of the grassland, and the exchange in cowboy poetry that could still be heard in many dining places in the area. It is even manifested in the way locals improve their homes by putting up equally rustic designed  garage doors to complement their homes.

But aside from the vibrant culture innate in this state, another significant tourist attraction that could be found in this place are the amazing natural rock formations that dotted the area.

Natural rock wonders

Rocks could be found everywhere. But when they start forming something that is both bizarre and breathtaking, one cannot help but stop and admire.

One of the most amazing rock formation that never ceases  to astound everyone is the Monument Rocks. It can be found in western Kansas and is widely known as a National Natural Landmark. The height of these Chalk Pyramids reaches up to 70 feet tall, and as if the rock formation is not in itself stunning, it even lies in the middle of a flat surface that raises its beauty up to majestic.

Another significant rock formation in the area is the Castle Rock. This is a pillar-like limestone formation located approximately 30 miles east of Mountain Rocks. It lies in a badland area that just add to its appeal.

If you need more uniquely-shaped rock formations, you could head off to the Mushroom State Park or to the Rock City. From the name itself, the former is home for rock formations that look like gigantic mushrooms standing in the middle of nowhere. The latter on the other hand exhibits three clusters of huge spherical boulders where 200 boulders are scattered in-between. These boulders could have as big as 10-20 feet in diameter. Teter Rock is also one beautiful rock formation that could be found in Kansas. It is located at a high point used to point people to Cotton River.

In visiting Kansas, getting a glimpse of these natural rock wonders should be at every individuals itinerary.

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