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Immerse yourself in Chandler’s arts and culture scene

Are you a lover of arts and culture? Visit Chandler, Arizona – the arts and culture hub in the state of Arizona.

This city is well-known for its annual Ostrich Festival, as a tribute to the legacy of the agriculture and ostrich farms of the bygone era. Enjoy the festival ensconced in Chandler’s wonderful bed and breakfast inns with bold, traditional raised garage doors.

Other important festivals worth seeing in Chandler include the Chandler Mariachi Festival at the Chandler Center for the Arts; the annual three-day festival at the Chandler Indian Market every October that celebrates Native American arts, culture and music; and the Chandler Chuck Wagon Festival every November that honors the history of the chuck wagon with a unique culinary competition that combines the tastes, smells and sounds of the Old West.

While attending all of these festivals, do not forget to see Chandler’s array of performing arts, music, gallery exhibitions, public art, festivals and monthly art walk in Downtown Chandler.

There is the Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery of Western American and American Indian Art in south Chandler. It is a must-visit to wonder at its 3,000 art pieces highlighting contemporary American art and American Indian art. Best of all, entrance to the gallery is FREE.

At the Chandler Museum, rotating exhibits and a research and archive center for Chandler’s history and cultural heritage are featured. It has events throughout the year that explores the areas agricultural roots at Tumbleweed Ranch with a 1917 home, historic grocery store and vintage farm equipment. The museum is easy to access as it is just across the Chandler fashion Center and the McCullough-Price House.

Check out also Chandler’s public art, shown in various buildings, parks and public spaces. This has been made possible because Chandler has a dynamic public art program due to its rich cultural diversity.

You can also head off to the Tumbleweed Park to visit the Arizona Railway Museum and see a showcase celebrating the United States rail history, with restored train cars from different time periods.

There are also several art galleries in Chandler that showcases local, regional and national artists. Meanwhile, the Chandler Center for the Arts will offer you superb acoustics for live performances that are shown there. It is located in an area with various restaurants and nightlife so you can enjoy the rest of your night after taking in some live shows.

Whatever is your art and culture addiction, we are sure that you can find something to your heart’s desire in Chandler. The city is definitely Arizona’s hub of creativity and zest for culture, making it a definitive stop as you explore the entire Arizona state. Your visit to Arizona will indeed never be complete without a stop at Chandler. So what are you waiting for, start planning your trip, determine what you want to see and enjoy and never ever forget to make a quick stop in Chandler. Who knows, you will most likely fall in love with the city and vow a return – or several!

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