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Going Festive in Wichita

There is nothing more inviting to travelers than a place that has so much to offer. Sites and activities could just be enjoyed for so long. But festivals, or events that just end to make way for another one? This is epic. This is lasting, and not just something people could get tired of.

People travel to satisfy their wanderlust, to enjoy the beautiful vistas, to find some ground on their fast-paced day-to-day life. Some just wants to have fun, while others crave for something that’s different. Often these things cannot be found in one place alone. But Wichita? With their festivals and event that feature culture and so much more, you could have it all.

Enjoy yourself to the limit with Wichita’s all-year round events

Wichita is home to a picturesque rustic living – cabin houses that crosses path with contemporary style paired with ideal garage doors, restaurants that serve local flavors, and even festivals that showcase its diverse community and beautiful culture. All year round these festivities go around to lighten up the mood of locals and travelers alike.

Enjoy annual events such as Automobilia Car Shows and Street Party which features hundreds of classic rides displayed at the closed of downtown streets of Wichita every summer. Celebrate art and culture at the yearly Autumn and Art every September, and the Final Friday every month. You could find many world-class art and galleries here that is one to be proud of. ICT FEST is a musical festival to be proud of with 40+ national and local bands playing all types of music from hip-hop, pop, electronic and more.

For beer enthusiasts, there is also the Midwest Beerfest and Wingfest that offers imported and local handcrafted beers which flavors are to die for. Riverfest festival is also looked forward to as it is  the largest festival in Wichita. Enjoy entertainment in the form of music and bands, and abundant food for you and your family.

For a more culturally -inclined festival, there is the Asian Festival that features varying national costumes, performances and flavors from Asian countries. Renaissance festival on the other hand sends you back to the time of knights and lady courting. Watch the skilled sword fight between gentlemen see even a royal falconer soar. You can also be the first to watch independent films at the Tallgrass Film Festival and get up close and personal with talented actors, directors and writers. Appreciate this type of art at its finest.

Wichita, aside from these annual events, also feature many other activities scheduled to run all-year long. They keep a busy calendar all the time. You could check their site to know what festivity is available during your visit. But no matter what it is, there is no room for anything other than fin and enjoyment in Wichita.

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