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Glendale – on the road to become the next new hub for the medical industry

The beautiful city of Glendale is developing into the new medical hub in the United States. This development comes after the rise in population and the influx of new residents that now inhabit the amazing new communities that feature two-car garage doors in Glendale.

The population boom resulted to increased expectations for specialized medical services and trained medical workforce, hence the new medical developments. The new medical establishments being constructed in Glendale include the following:  A three-story medical office building on the St.Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center campus at 7300 N. 99th Ave. is being constructed by the Rendina Healthcare Real Estate, a Florida-based medical building development company. It will be a 62,000 Square foot complex that is scheduled to open in the fall and employ as many as 200 healthcare professionals, with several specialty physicians offices, a diagnostic imaging center and a surgery center.

A 200,000-square-foot medical campus is also being developed by the 101 West Healthcare. Worth $30 million, it will be located at the south of St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center on the northwest corner of 99th and Glendale Avenue. Plans include physicians’ offices, surgery centers, laboratories, a long-term care facility and related spaces.

Construction on the first phase — a single story, 16,000-square-foot office building — began in April and is expected to finish in the fall. At full build-out, the 22-acre complex will feature five buildings up to five stories tall. The complex is expected to provide 1,500 jobs to medical providers.

101 West Healthcare is based in Scottsdale and led by radiologist Dr. John Simon, who also founded medical services firm SimonMed Imaging.

Aside from being a medical hub, Glendale is also expected to have a surge in three other industries: manufacturing, advanced business services, and signature retail and entertainment.

These companies are expected to bring in approximately 1,000 immediate jobs and 3,000 jobs at build-out. This development is also expected to bring an economic boom to the area.

In recent years, Glendale has experienced a surge of new jobs for its population. During the first six months of 2016, there was a marked increase in new opportunities as compared to previous years, which saw about 1,300 new jobs each year from 2008 through 2015. This trend is expected to continue this 2017 and beyond.

According to a U.S. Census Bureau study, 84,000 Glendale residents traveled out of the city for work daily in 2014, the most recent statistics available. Meanwhile, 59,600 non-Glendale residents traveled into the city for jobs. Approximately 11,000 Glendale residents remained in Glendale for work.

Aside from new job opportunities, the construction of new medical establishments in Glendale will also position it as the place to go in terms of medical needs in the Valley.

It is also expected to result to the sprout of other businesses around the area such as restaurants and other facilities. The local government is also eyeing that the development will also result to new demand surges. As such, it is possible that new public facilities will also be built as a result, leading to more growth for Glendale.

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