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Gilbert, Arizona – one of America’s top thriving cities

Are you thinking of going into a vacation soon? Are you one of those people who enjoy exploring places with rich and vibrant culture? Do you love checking out artifacts and historical data of different places?

Then travelling to Albuquerque should be in your bucket list.

Majestic and stylish architecture

Albuquerque is considered to be one of the most populous country in New Mexico. It contains one of the highest elevations of any major coty in United States and works as the seat of Bernalillo County.

The popularity of this city could be attributed to the annual International Balloon Fiesta that is hosted in the area. Yearly, more than 500 balloons participate on a 9-day event that showcase hot air balloons of different sizes and shapes. It does not only showcase the piloting skills and endurance of participating balloonists, it also magnifies the beauty that Albuquerque has to offer.

Albuquerque is the leading city of New Mexico that boasts richness when it comes to their culture. Just by setting your foot inside the city boundaries, this is easily evident with the unique and impressive architectures in the area. Some of which already stood for centuries. Others, improved by the integration of modern times, just highlighted the charm of the area.

Kimo Theatre is one of the best example a beautiful local structure in the area. It is located in downtown Albuquerque and already in existence for more than 85 years. It is a great example of Art Deco Pueblo Style architecture. Church of San Felipe de Neri is another structure in the city. It is a large 300-year old Catholic church that features a rectory, convent, school, museum and impressive artifacts. It is one of the best buildings in the state.

For a more modern architecture, Isleta Resort Casino boasts of the extravagance of the city. Made basically of glass, this is a place to enjoy at night with a bit of drinking and at times even entertainment.

The city’s superior residential architecture also prove its grand history. It ranges from Spanish-inspired, to the intricate European designs, and now the integration of modern style, the overall appeal is simply breathtaking from the point of view of the outsiders. This covers everything from the outside to the inside, including the landscape, and the garage doors. This is even made better by the maintenance brought about by the best garage door service in town – A1 Garage Door Service.

Significant landmarks and museums

If you want to have the overall experience of being in the area, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is the place to be. This is located 2 mi north of Old Town which celebrates living cultures and histories by featuring cultural events, traditional dances, lectures, workshops and tours.

You can also take a tour at the Old Town which is the site of the original Spanish Settlement. There you can have the Southwestern feel characterized by old, giant cottonwood trees, cobble stone streets and adobe structure. Shopping centers are also located there together with art galleries and souvenir shops. If you are into extremely ‘old stuff’, you’ll feel fascinated with the Petroglyph National Monument on the western side of the city. This housed ancient images printed into the volcanic rocks of the continent’s earliest inhabitants.

Of course, you’re historical tour is not complete without visiting the museums dotted in the area. You can always start with the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History that gives an in-depth look in the city’s past. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, on the other hand focuses on the geologic history of the area. You can check out several life-size dinosaur there that would amaze you.

Finally, you can visit the University of New Mexico in the middle of the city. From here, you can find several museums as well, and art and cultural exhibits and performances.

Truly, visiting Albuquerque is one historical experience you shouldn’t miss.


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