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Gastronomic delights in New Mexico

So you have already explored Mexico’s beautiful landscapes and hidden gems. You have interacted with the warm and friendly people from New Mexico’s cozy communities with vibrant garage doors installed.

Now is the perfect time to explore and discover the gastronomic delights that New Mexico has to offer. You should never leave the State without taking a taste, otherwise, you will definitely regret it.

So here’s the best and quintessential New Mexican food you must definitely try! Fair warning, these food temptations are addicting. It is possible that you may never want to leave the State ever again.

Red Chile Sauce 

New Mexico food is not New Mexico food without its famous red or green chiles. And there’s no other way to showcase it than with the Red chile sauce made from dried red chile pods or red chile powder, water or stock, onion, garlic and seasoning. This sauce is used as a condiment for everything – burritos. Tostadas, stuffed sopapillas and eggs. Definitely a staple in all New Mexican kitchens, used as a sauce for red chile enchiladas and condiment for beans, soup or stew.

Carne Adovada 

The carne adovada is made of big chunks of pork marinated overnight in red chile sauce and slow cooked for hours. The meat is spicy and definitely flavorful. It is then served with beans or rice in a flour tortilla or used as a filling for enchiladas, used as a stuffing for the sopapilla or burrito or in a tortilla or taco.


Posole can refer to two things – an ingredient or a New Mexico stew. If as an ingredient, it is made by boiling corn that is soaked in slaked lime water, in a process called nixtamalization. This is also referred to as hominy. As a stew, the Posole is made from the posole ingredient with pork and red or green chile. This is actually a traditional holiday dish and a comfort food.

New Mexico Green Chile Stew

Another holiday dish, this New Mexico green chile stew can always be found in every New Mexican dinner table. It is a soup dish with roasted green chile, pork and potatoes. It can be cooked with beef, chicken or beans and considered to be the most addictive of all New Mexican cuisine.

Stacked Red or Green Enchiladas

One of the best type of enchiladas is the stacked red enchilada with three corn tortillas dipped in red chile sauce with onion, cheese, black olives and more chile. Meanwhile, the green version uses green chile sauce with cooked chicken, cheese, sour cream and more chile.

The casserole enchiladas are baked in the oven for 30 minutes while the restaurant style enchiladas are heated in the microwave or under the broiler for only a couple of minutes. It is usually topped with a fried egg as a final touch.


The calabacitas is made of squash of course with roasted green chile and corn. It is usually a late summer or early fall New Mexican dish because of the availability of ingredients. This dish is simply one of those quick sautéed vegetable dishes that goes with just about anything.

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