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When customers call us at A1 Garage Door Service, one of the usual queries include: “Do you offer garage doors in standard sizes?”

The answer is YES. A1 Garage Door Service have all kinds, types, styles, materials and colors of garage doors in standard sizes. Note however, that there are lots of standard sizes, depending on your requirement and the size of your garage. We have standard sizes for the regular residential garage doors, for slightly bigger double garage doors, for large garage doors as well as for commercial garage doors.

What’s more, if you do not fall under any of these categories, we can even offer you custom-made garage doors.

Regular Residential Garage Doors

Residential garage doors come in three types of sizes: 8×7 feet, 9×7 feet and 10×7 feet. These types of doors fit garages that house a single standard-sized car, SUV, truck, van or what have you. We source out these types of doors from only the top manufactures, known for quality, durability and high performance.

Double Garage Doors

If you have more than one vehicle or if you have vehicles that are slighter larger in size, you will require double garage doors. These types of garage doors come in three different standard sizes: 12×7 feet, 14×7 feet and 16×7 feet.

Some homeowners who utilize their garages as additional workspaces or storage spaces usually choose this type of garage doors.

Large Garage Doors

Do you have an RV? Or do you have several cars or simply need to utilize a really big space for your garage? No problem. We have large garage doors available for you. These types of garage doors come in 16×8 feet, 16×9 feet or can even stretch as wide as 20 feet.

The purpose of this type of garage door is to house several cars, an extra wide vehicle or simply to provide you with that extra bit of space for your needs.

Commercial Garage Doors

If you have a business and require really big commercial doors to house your trucks, several fleet of cars or simply to accommodate all that large deliveries, we also have available standard sized door solutions for you. We can determine the appropriate garage door sizes by knowing the number of trucks or vehicle fleet that you have. We will also take into consideration the headroom and side room requirements. Plus, we will not simply offer you the appropriately sized door but recommend appropriate solutions based on your usage and specifications.

Always remember that the important thing is to not simply determine the type of garage door that you require based on what you think are the standard sizes available. Consult an expert. Talk to us. Give us a call. A1 Garage Door Service will be happy to help you determine the most appropriate type of garage door for your needs. We have an experienced team of technicians that are at your beck and call, 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. If you get us to install your garage door, you will even benefit from our FREE professional advice. Just contact A1 Garage Door Service at 844-214-2724

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