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There are times when you just hear something loud goes off like a gunshot or a firecracker. You ignore it when you cannot pin point where it originated. Then suddenly, when you open your garage door, it doesn’t anymore budge.

This scenario most likely means that your garage door spring broke.

Garage door springs

Garage door spring holds the entire weight of your garage door. Since it is the largest moving part of your home, your spring is holding more or less 300 lbs of weight that makes your garage door lighter. This enables you to easily lift your garage door in case of emergency and during power outage.

Your spring also distributes evenly the weight throughout your garage door. This allows your door to have a more balanced movement whenever it is being used.

Garage door springs, among all other garage door parts, have limited lifespan. There is no assurance on how long it would last. But depending on the quality, the brand, the frequency of usage, a normal garage door spring could last up to 7-9 years. This is assuming that it is made up of 10,000 cycles and being used just 2x a day.

The more it is being used, given the same cycle, the lesser the years it will last. For instance, your garage door is being used for more than 2x a day, or it has another function aside from housing just your vehicles that require more times of usage, then you can expect the life expectancy of your spring to decrease.

But what is important is that when it breaks, you do not attempt to fix it on your own.

Prolonging the life of garage door springs

There is a lot of scenarios that may lead into the breaking of your springs. There are factors such as usage, aging, corrosion and it having wear and tears that have not been properly taken care of. This is why, it is a must that proper maintenance service and inspection is given to your garage door springs regularly.

Watch out for signs that your garage door spring is not anymore working as it should be – sounds, physical evidences of wear and tears, shaky doors, and the likes. These may signal that your springs already need attention. When you encounter these, call A1 Garage Door Service immediately to assist you on what to do.

Your garage door springs also need lubrication. This could be done twice a year using silicon-based lube. Just put it across the spring until it seeps in to the inside. This would maintain the smooth movement of your spring whenever it is being used.

For more tips on how you could prolong the life of your garage doors, you can contact A1 Garage Door Service for help.

Spring replacement, repair, inspection and maintenance, A1 Garage Door Service has you covered

If you are having trouble where to look or help regarding your garage door spring, look no more because A1 Garage Door Service is here for you.

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They even offer various types of garage door spring for you. Everything is hassle free with A1 Garage Door Service.

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