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Garage Door Insulation in Denver, Co

The garage door, being a part of the exterior of the house, is very much exposed to different weather conditions. There are times when we experience extreme heat or extreme cold. When it is too hot outside, we turn on the air conditioner inside our homes. When it is too cold outside, we turn on our heaters. And did you know that heating and cooling our homes account for 50 to 70 percent of our total energy costs? And the thing is, whenever we open our garage doors, the energy from the air conditioner or heater escapes outside and it is likely that the temperature inside the garage would correspond to that of the outdoor temperature.

Broken Garage Door Springs

This is why it is important to have your garage doors insulated so as not to let the energy out. Having an insulator helps us conserve energy. Studies show that when your garage door is properly insulated, it can keep your garage cooler by 25 degrees during the hot summer months and warmer by 12 degrees during the cold winter. This means that you can save on energy costs and electricity bills. The government also offers incentives like tax credits and rebates for homes using energy-efficient appliances and machines. Another thing, when your garage door is properly insulated, your vehicles and other belongings inside the garage are kept in good condition no matter what the weather is outside. Now that you know the benefits of garage door insulation, you know that it is a good investment on your part to ensure proper insulation of your garage door. Do not worry about the cost because it will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Garage door insulation is important especially for houses with attached garage doors. It adds comfort to the home by keeping the temperature at an optimal level. In Denver, Colorado, the weather can get really cold that is why families regularly use heaters inside their homes. It would be a big help if the garage door is properly insulated so as to keep the temperature inside the house comfortably warm which will not be affected whenever you open your garage door.

There are different types of insulators in the market. Insulators are made of different materials such as steel and fiberglass but all of them must have good insulation value. Good insulators do not allow light, heat, electricity, or sound to pass through the panels of the garage doors easily. This makes it possible for you to save on energy costs and electric bills. When looking for a garage door with good insulation, check the R-value that is indicated in their specifications. The higher the R-value, the stronger is the insulation quality. It is best to leave the job of insulating a garage door to a professional garage door service provider. They have the knowledge and expertise to apply the insulation with accuracy and they know the proper measurements needed so as not to bring the weight of the garage door down. Call A1 Garage Door Service Denver now at (720) 400 7727 and book your garage door insulation appointment with us.

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