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You attempt to close your door then half-way down, it suddenly stops moving. A familiar dilemma? Then perhaps you are also suffering from a damaged garage door spring.

Garage door springs
Garage door spring is a component of your garage door that holds the entire weight of your garage door. It also equally distributes the weight of your garage door for a more balanced movement. Garage door springs come in two main types: the torsion spring and the extension spring. Both of which are wound tightly and contains a lot of tension.

Due to the amount of tension a garage door spring is under, it is among the garage door components where it is not advisable for any individuals who are not equipped with enough knowledge on garage doors to make the repairs one of their DIY projects. One wrong move and trying to fix the damage may just cause a person serious injuries, if not his life.

Garage Door Spring repair, a job for professionals

Garage door springs need special handling. In making repairs and maintenance, garage door springs require specialized knowledge and tools for winding and unwinding them. You are in for a lot of work and hassle if you just based your knowledge to DIY books and online video tutorial.

Handling garage door springs requires rigorous training and years of experience which cannot be taught overnight. It is a process that cannot be hasten as it may cause danger to the one attempting repair and damage not only to the garage door unit, but to other part of your property as well.
Good thing A1 Garage Door Service is here to help. They are highly-skilled in diagnosing any garage door problems fast and efficiently. Being in the industry for years, our garage door specialists could already determine all possible solution for your garage door problems so it is just easily for them to make any kind of repairs and maintenance on your garage door openers.

They are also on-call 24/7 to assist all of your garage door needs. We all know that emergencies do not wait for the most convenient time to happen so it pays to always be prepared. They will respond immediately as they know the importance of a garage door to the security of every household.

A1 Garage Door Service is the expert fixer of garage door springs

A1 Garage Door Service knows their way around all types of garage door springs. No matter the problem, they can easily solve it while you wait. No more work for you. No more hassle. Definitely, no more trial and error basis that may just worsen the damage on your garage door springs.
They do everything efficiently without on-top costs. They even bring to your doorsteps every replacement parts you need. All of the springs that your garage door needs come with warranty and discounts that would make your experience with them worth it. Plus, their cost-estimates are free!
So what are you waiting for? Call A1 Garage Door Service now at 844-214- 2724 and experience the unparalleled garage door service that is the talk of the town.

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