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Exploring the Great Indoors in Wichita

People often equates traveling to outdoor fun and activities, but this is not always the case. Travelling is all about enjoying the great indoors too especially for tourist places that offer such amenities to be enjoyed without being out in the open 24/7.

In Wichita, this is possible. Whether you are just tired, or the weather is getting on you, you will never get bored of the in-house activities in-store for you.

Fun in the great indoors

Wichita is full of interesting and beautiful sites to visit. Just by entering the boundary of this largest city in Kansas, you’d already be welcomed by beautiful architecture that speaks of its rich Midwest culture. From homes, to buildings, even to lawns and beautiful garage doors, this city never fall short of amazing. But aside from the numerous nature tripping, hiking, and other adventure you could enjoy in this place, this city also boasts of equally interesting activities.

You can start your adventure by running high with adrenaline ay Aviate. This is a sports facility that features basketball and  volleyball courts where you could satisfy your cravings for a little bit of competition. You could even relieve your ninja dream as you tackle their built-in ninja course, trampoline, and foam pits or just have fun cheering for your team in case you managed to catch a game or two.

You could also try Bliss Bouldering for a nice wall climbing activity, or even The Alley for a good bowling game or an in-house go-kart fun for you.

If you prefer a good mind sport better than the physical one, Wichita Room Escape is for you. Here you’d get your fill of mazes, puzzles and riddles that would lead to your escape from a room you’re in. You could take your friends to enhance your teamwork and camaraderie. But take note to make reservations on their site on-line as walk-ins are rarely accommodated due to the popularity of this attraction.

For a more relaxing activity, you could take time to catch a movie at The Warren Theater Downtown, or better yet enjoy the ambiance of the Healing Water Spa as you take a pampering that has long been overdue. You could also just retire to a fine wine and dine, or a more family-friendly restaurant at the end of a tiring day.

Wichita offers many activities scheduled all year round. These may be in a form of exhibits, cultural shows, music tours from well-known bands or artists, operas, in-house car shows, and many more. All you have to do is to check their official sites to know what you don’t want to miss. You could bring your families and friends for an extended bonding time.

In this city, everybody is welcome to have some great indoor fun!



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