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Establish your business in Arizona

Are you looking for the best place to start your business or expand your current business empire? Look no further than Arizona. This Grand Canyon State is now known as the best place to grow your business. Read on to know the reasons:

First, Arizona strongly supports innovation. This is why known startups such as Infusionsoft, GoDaddy, ZocDoc, Weebly and Zenefits have chosen to establish their base here. Arizona is currently ranked number 1 by Fast Company for entrepreneurial activity. The state offers robust programs and resources to support tech employers.

Second, the cost of doing business in Arizona is one of the lowest in the United States. This is because the state has low taxes and it has a small state government. Plus, Arizona’s taxes on property, gas and personal income is one of the lowest in the country. Thus, you will definitely enjoy these low taxes when buying your commercial and residential real estate property, with a two-car traditional garage door style to match.  The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council in 2013 has noted that Arizona has competitive tax reductions enacted, sixth lowest property taxes and fourth lowest unemployment insurance tax.

Third, Arizona offers skilled, abundant, talented and young workforce. The state is known for its workforce quality and availability, ranked at number 2 in the country and number 1 in terms of higher education degree opportunities. The Arizona Commerce Authority also offers services for businesses to find employees primarily through its Arizona Workforce Connection which is a network of one-stop centers and online services that include: seamless access to workforce resources, employee recruitment, labor market information, job training and hiring tax credits, customized training and skills upgrading and solutions to common employee barriers.

Fourth, Arizona has a business-friendly regulation. The Governor and the Legislature has approved fundamental changes in the administration of Arizona’s transaction privilege tax system, resulting to a reduction in red tape and paperwork, allowing for more efficiency in helping businesses locate, expand and start up.

Fifth, Arizona’s location is strategic, offering access to the top economies such as California (pegged at number 8), Texas (pegged at number 12) and Mexico (pegged at number 15). Arizona boasts of its outstanding infrastructure such as interstates, freeways and transcontinental and interstate railroads that efficiently connects it to markets. It also has two international airports in Phoenix and Tucson. At the same time, Arizona is not prone to natural and weather related disasters, making it a great location for companies that require employees and market access to be available consistently.

Sixth, Arizona has the lowest corporate and individual income tax rates in the United States. It has no franchise tax, no business inventory tax and no estate tax. The state also offers a variety of tax programs such as manufacturing, R&D and investment; jobs and training credits; R&D and computer benefits as well and energy and other tax advantages.

Seventh, Arizona simply has the best scenery, culture and amazing weather that provides an exceptional quality of life.


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