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Enjoy a grand family time in Madison

Fancy visiting the best city in the United States and having fun with your family in the process, all for free? Go now to Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. It has reaped a lot of accolades as the most walkable city, best road-biking city, most vegetarian friendly, gay friendly, environmentally friendly and overall friendliest city in the country.

Madison is a wonderful town that it between the beautiful Mendota and Monona Lakes with a cozy, green capital in a wonderful college town. Here you can find wonderful and peaceful neighborhoods with quaint and beautiful houses with beautifully-installed garage doors.

In Madison, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself with all of these best FREE destinations:

The Henry Vilas Zoo

This zoo has some great exhibits with happy and wonderful animals. It is wonderful place to visit for fans of penguins, tigers and chimps. A petting area for goats is also available. They also have exhibits that feature seals and lions. It is a very child and family friendly place with parking areas, strollers and wagons for rent and great areas for picnics.

Wisconsin Veterans Museum

This is a wonderful place to see dioramas, life size figures and painted murals. Housed in over 10,000 feet of exhibit space, the area is large, subdivided into three exhibits: the 20th Century Exhibit, the 19th Century Exhibit and a rotating area.

University of Wisconsin Madison Geology Museum

There are a great many attractions in this museum which nclide the Boaz Mastodon, meteorites, fossils and dinosaurs. It is easy to look for this Geology Museum as it is just on the University of Wisconsin campus, in Weeks Hall.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

The Olbrich Botanical Gardens has sixteen acres of outdoor gardens. There are 14 separate and distinct gardens such as the Serenity Garden, the Herb Garden and the Rose Garden. It is kid and family plus handicap friendly with paths for strollers and wheelchairs or buggies. There is also a tram where people can get on and off.

Next to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens is the Olbrich Park which has a skating rink during the winter. It also has wonderful play areas for kids.

Vilas Park Beach

Adjacent to the Henry Vilas Zoo, this area has three playgrounds, a swimming area, fishing areas and large grassy space for picnics.

Madison Children’s Museum

Free only on Thursdays after 5pm for Twilight Thursdays, the museum’s minimal charges on other days are still worth it. It has three exhibit floors which include a rooftop garden and log cabin and can be found off downtown Madison’s Capitol Square.

The National Mustard Museum

Sounds weird, right? But this National Mustard Museum is one of Wisconsin’s most popular attractions. It has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the game shows Jeopardy! And Tell the Truth and other television and radio shows as well as major newspapers and magazines. This museum is dubbed as a temple to the King of Condiments, with more than 5,767 mustards from all U.S. 50 states as well as more than 70 countries.


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