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Enjoy a family day out in Glendale

Are you planning for a great family vacation? Why not try the attractions that Glendale has to offer? The city is definitely family-friendly, with all manners of activities, attractions and sights that will entice the kids and the kids at heart.

What’s more, you can even rent out house with a steel garage door that’s exclusive for you and your family. It has wonderful communities and neighborhoods that will guarantee a fun and safe vacation.

Here are the best places to bring your kids in Glendale:

Castles and Coasters

Head off to this family friendly theme park where you can enjoy thrill rides, gaming and all manner of activities!

It has arcade games to keep the kids entertained, bumper boats for some family-friendly competition, a free fall to get that tummy jumping, go-kart, magic carpet ride and even water fun.

Enchanted Island

If you want your kids to enjoy some fun rides that will keep them entertained in one full day, bring them to Enchanted Island which features 9 different attractions. You can get your kids dropping, bumping, spinning, flying, driving, rolling and rocking in different thrill rides.

The more adventurous ones can check out the amazing views of the skyline from the Parachute Tower, or splash, crash and play in the Bumper Boats.

Wildlife World Zoo

Bring your kids to see Arizona’s largest collection of exotic animals. Wildlife World Zoo has over 2400 individual animals representing more than 400 exotic and endangered species.

Sea Life Arizona

This attraction features over 5,000 sea creatures and over 30 displays. Kids can definitely just go around, touch the tanks and interact with the entire diverse collection. They can see hermit crabs, different types of fish, octopus, manata rays, sharks, sea horses, turtles and more!

Sea Life Arizona is definitely a must visit.

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

While the title only refers to the ostriches, there is definitely a lot to see in this ranch. Aside from ostriches, there are Peking Ducks, Miniature Sicilian Donkeys, Fallow Deer, and even Nigerian Dwarf Goats and the sweet rainbow lorikeets that are always a huge hit with the kids.

Imagine Avenue

Boost your child’s creativity and imagination with Imagination Avenue. The entire attraction features a child-sized town with very fun and realistic shops and houses. Kids can play in the nine play houses which includes a fire station with two fire trucks they can ride around in, a bakery where they can play shop and “smell” all the freshly baked goods to serve to customers, a beautiful blue and white hospital where they can take care of each other and a house they can make their own.

Bounce Jungle

This attraction is all about keeping kids healthy and making exercising fun. Bounce Jungle guarantees to burn off excess energy and provides all of the fun and activity of being outdoors in a cool, clean, and safe environment!

Desert Botanical Gardens

Let your kids have an encounter with over 50,000 plants at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Here you can find large, prickly cacti, their beautiful flowers, and all the beautiful flora that can be found in deserts.

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