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Conquer your fear of heights in New Mexico’s hot air balloon fiestas

There is a different way of seeing New Mexico’s stunning vistas and landscapes. And that’s from high up in the air!

With the State’s various hot air balloon fiestas, you will be able to spot its wondrous natural rock formations, cliffs, valleys, meadows and even its many wonderful communities with colorful carriage-house garage doors.

New Mexico hosts the biggest hot air balloon festival that draws a million visitors each year. But aside from that, it also holds various balloon fiestas that make hot air balloon rides a year-round adventure.

Interested in catching a hot air balloon fiesta in New Mexico? Read on below for some information:

Albuquerque International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The largest ballooning event on Earth is set in Albuquerque. Held every October for the more than thirty years, this event is the largest international event in the United States and considered as the most photographed one on earth.

During this event, hundreds of balloons in many different designs, colors and sizes, lift off from the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park. The event is often described as a mass ascension, with giant balloons going up the cerulean desert sky. At night, there are also events called Balloon Glows in which whimsical shaped glowing balloons go up the night sky. No wonder the event has become an annual pilgrimage for a lot of fans.

Red Rock Balloon Rally

Every December, Gallup hosts the Red Rock Balloon Rally. At this event, around 200 balloons usually take part. This is considered as the second largest balloon event in the world, with pilots having the opportunity to compete for fine Native American Arts and crafts. The audience also has the chance to become active participants on this event by joining balloon chase crews.

Elephant Butte Balloon Regatta

At the Elephant Butte Lake State Park every September, a unique balloon adventure is held every September. Dubbed as the annual Elephant Butte Balloon Regatta, the event involves Splash-and-Dash balloon boat relay races and allows participants to also take part in other activities such as camping, water skiing, boating, fishing, swimming, hiking and bird watching.

Angel Fire Balloons

In Angel Fire, more than 20 balloons set to fly every June. This event is usually a photography event, with the balloons flying over the backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Other activities during the event include Mass Ascensions, Balloon Glow, live music, benefit golf tournaments and the Chile Challenge Pro-Grt Mountain Bike Race.

Taos Mountain Balloon Rally

On the last weekend of October every year, Taos hosts another ballooning fiesta. Dubbed as the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally, it hosts 35-50 balloons and crew each year and provides a wonderful vista in the sky. The Taos Mountain Rally usually sees balloons of different colors and designs  and is very popular for balloonists, families and crews.

So what are you waiting for? Head off now to New Mexico and have a ballooning adventure. The best thing about this adventure is you not only get to fly up in the air but also admire the amazing beauty of the land of enchantment.

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