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Cities in Michigan that Should Be on the Top Your Bucket List

Bucket list is the list of goals or things you want to experience over a period of time. People usually update their list regularly while others have their eyes on a specific list every year. It’s not surprising however that the most common inclusion in this list are different places to visit.

If you are amongst the those people who love to travel and is looking for a great place to include in your bucket list, then it’s about time to have Michigan on top of your list.

Wonderful places at every corner

Michigan continues to be a haven for travelers due to the many to-go places in the state. Wherever you go, there is never a shortage of places to visit and activities to try. Even shopping areas, coffee shops, and restaurants are sought-after in this state.

Whether one chooses to go to the north part, south, east, or west part of Michigan, there will always be something great that awaits you. Every location is unique in its own way that you’ll find it hard to get burnt out while exploring the state. Even the nicely built residential bungalows are admired, together with their sturdy garage doors. This is simply a place for people of all walks of life.

Thrill-seeker? Never a problem in Michigan

If you are the type of person who loves heart-pumping, mind-blowing, and nerve-wracking activities, Michigan is the perfect place for you. You can try the available 10 ziplines or a shorter 5 ziplines tour at Cannonsburg Ski Area for a start. It is guaranteed to jumpstart your day.

If you want something more intense, you can head to Iron Mountain in the Upper Peninsula to experience Whitewater rafting, or to The Adventure Park at Frankenmuth to deal with different obstacle courses that is not only fun for the whole family but would develop your physical fitness as well. Of course, let’s not overlook the king of all excitement, fun, and adrenaline since time immemorial – amusement parks. Experience roller coasters, a 180ft free fall, and more if you go to Michigan’s Adventure.

Social-media worthy, delicious foods

Whether you are a blogger or simply one who loves foods, Michigan offers a wide variety of local and international cuisine in the area. The amazing flavors are not only delicious but picture worthy as well. No need to look for the right angle, lighting or the application of too many filters, foods here are guaranteed to make you drool just by looking at them.

Detroit is one of the leading sources of delicious food in the city.

Being at one with nature in Michigan

Nature-loving or not, Michigan offers many parks and nature attractions starting from forests, wildlife, beaches and more. You get to enjoy various activities from picnics, to camping, to getting a tan and just people-watching at the beach.

You could also try following various hiking trails available all throughout the state such as the Porcupine Mountains in Ontonagon, Dunes Trail Loop in Manitoulin Island, and Waterloo Pinckney Recreation Trail in Chelsea, to name a few. The difficulty of these trails range from easy, moderate and advance depending on the length and the roughness of the trail.

Aside from above-mentioned attractions, there are still a lot to explore in Michigan such as cultural heritages, historical landmarks, and festivals, among others. So put now this state on top of your bucket list for the next place to visit.

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