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As an essential home service provider, we are committed to our normal business hours to best serve you at this important time.


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Whether your garage door is stuck closed or you’re simply questioning the weird noise it’s making, you’re likely concerned or frustrated. Garage door repair issues often happen at the least convenient times, and you want to find an effective solution as quickly as possible.

Your search for that resolution begins with a phone call. You have many options of which garage door repair company to call, and it’s up to you to decide which company best meets your needs.

At A1 Garage Door Service, we believe our team’s extensive training and service-first commitment set us apart.  When you call A1, you’re triggering a chain of activity carefully designed to ensure you receive the best service in the industry.

Let’s take a look at how our teams work collaboratively to empower you to make the best decision for you and your home.



customer service representative on computerYou likely don’t like receiving spam phone calls, and we’re no different. When you contact us, a recording will prompt you to press any button to reach a customer service representative (CSR). Once we’ve confirmed you’re not a robot, we’ll connect you with a live member of our team.

The CSR will collect your information, ask a series of questions regarding the issues with your garage door and schedule a date and time range for your service appointment. This information is logged in our database, where it can be accessed by other members of our team.



dispatcher on phoneAfter scheduling your appointment, the CSR will send your information to our dispatch team, who maintain schedules, route technicians and, when needed, reschedule appointments.

On the day of your appointment, the dispatcher will communicate with the technician regarding job status and expected arrival times. Our dispatch team constantly monitors technician location and availability and will attempt to move up appointment times whenever possible.

In the event another appointment is delayed, the dispatcher will contact you or re-route another technician to your home.



technician talking to customerIn many ways, our technicians are the public faces of A1 Garage Door Service, as they are the ones who will be visiting your home and servicing your garage door. When the technician is headed to your appointment, they will send a text message letting you know.

Upon arriving, the technician will greet you and ask questions to understand your issues and prepare personalized options and recommendations to help you make an informed repair decision. To do so, the technician will examine your door and its parts, completing a thorough 29-point inspection.

With the inspection complete, the technician will review the results with you, explain where the issues are originating and offer suggestions for repair or improvement. When you’ve made your decision, the technician will start the repair process.

Each technician’s van is stocked and equipped with the parts they need to provide same-day service. In the event their on-hand inventory is running low, they will schedule a follow-up appointment with you and return later. After finishing the repair, they will review their work, demonstrate that your door is working correctly, and show you how to use any new equipment.

Before leaving your driveway, the technician will add details of your appointment to our database. This creates a permanent record of the work completed, so the next time you need door service, our team will be able to review past repairs.



field supervisor on the phoneWe want to ensure that you have the best repair experience possible. Our team of senior field supervisors are available to support the technician in answering questions about products, pricing and other recommendations.

These team members won’t be involved in every service call, but they play a vital role in maintaining the high level of service and quality that we pride ourselves on.



customer leaving reviewIf you’re satisfied with your repair, we’d appreciate if you would consider leaving a review on Google, Yelp or Facebook. These reviews help in two ways: by letting your friends and neighbors know about your positive experience with our team and by enabling our marketing team to share your story with others.

Once your email address is in our system, you will also continue to receive emails with updates on products, services and special offers. While your door won’t need to be serviced again for a while, we want to be sure you’re aware of our other services, including weather stripping, garage door insulation, new door sales, epoxy floor coating and garage storage solutions.



a1 garage door service vanIn addition to these frontline team members, there are several others working on the back-end to provide you the best service in the industry. These include:

  • Training: Each of our technicians undergoes an extensive, rigorous training program before heading into the field to serve you.
  • Warehouse: Our warehouse team ensures we have a stocked supply of the parts needed for your job.
  • Fleet: This team maintains our vehicles and ensures our technicians’ vans are well-maintained for their journey to your home.



When you call A1 Garage Door Service for your garage door repair, you have a team of dedicated professionals working to provide you the highest-quality of service possible. From your first phone call to your five-star review, we appreciate the opportunity to serve and empower you to make the best decision for your home.

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