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Brewery and Distilleries – Fast Prospering Business in Rustic Kansas

Kansas has proven time and time again to be one of the best tourist destinations for people of different taste, styles, and even walks of life. Whether one is looking for a relaxing trip surrounded by scenic views, an action pack-adventure, or even a place to spend quality time with the family, this is the place to be.

One could never get bored of the never ending activity they could engage in while in the place – shopping, nature tripping, museum exploration, hunting, bird watching, and even eating as they start and conclude the day, Kansas has it all. Even beautiful cattle ranches are a must-see attraction in this place as their rustic architecture together with their uniquely styled garage doors give travelers a peek of Midwest living.

But the above-mentioned attractions are not the only things to be on the lookout for when you visit the place. Business in the area has come a long way and just continue to prosper as tourists flock all year long. One of the most promising being the growing number of breweries and even distilleries throughout the state.

Developing new taste in Kansas

There is nothing better than mingling with families and friends as one play with the distinctive taste of brew present only in the Kansas. Add a little bit of local cuisine, smoked meat, or wood-fired pizza that complement the flavor and there you go with the unique experience you are looking for.

If you are looking for a place for the best brewery/ bar to visit in your stop to Kansas, then head straight to Westport. You’d immediately see an easily accessible area that would make “brew hopping” easy to do. There are a bunch of local bars and breweries in the areas that serve amazing food as well. Two of the most amazing breweries to visit are the McCoy’s Public House and the Green Room Burgers and Beer. Beer Kitchen, The Riot Room, and the Foundry are great craft beer bars as well. You may want to hoard some of the local and regional canned craft beers to take home while you are there.

Crossroads is fast gaining popularity when it comes to the location of distinctive crafted beer flavors. Just in 2015-2015, three breweries and two distilleries opened in the area, all of which boast of their own unique brew taste. You may want to get around in the area and visit Tapcade which also take pride in their retro arcade bar which features arcade, pinball, N64s, among others. Live performance are also are an entertainment that should be missed, together with live music that makes the area more inviting. Going there on First Fridays is highly encouraged as the area also features an art work that will satisfy your art cravings.

Travelling throughout the state would bring you to more breweries and distilleries to watch out for. Flavors differ in each of them. At the end of your stay in Kansas, surely you’ll develop a cravinf that would make you come back for more.

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