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The Best Night Out in Scottsdale

When you travel to a place and get to experience its nightlife, what is it exactly that you do? Maybe have a drink in a pub or meet new friends in a club right?

Well in Scottsdale, while there are various places you can hang out for a beer or more, nothing beats the outdoor night out that the place offers. This is because Scottsdale offers a natural kind of nightlife that no other place in the United States can compare.

So head out your cozy townhouse rental in Scottsdale with that contemporary garage door design. A wild Scottsdale night out awaits you!

In Scottsdale, there is a strong cycling community with locally owned bike shops that provide a lot of support to new riders. They hold events and socials such as the Summer Night Ride series at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. This happens one weekend a month in the summer when the park and a few local bike shops come together to host hundreds of riders for a night ride. High-powered lights are required and it’s recommended that you ride the trails during the day at least once before attempting a night ride.

Usually, the ride takes place on the Pemberton trail, a 16 mile loop with moderate grades and a mix of hard-packed decomposed granite, sand, and apple-sized chunky rocks.

Convinced yet? If not well, here are some reasons why you should be giving this a try:

It’s a great way to see the desert in a way that you haven’t experienced before

The desert comes alive at night. Spiny lizards, desert cottontail rabbit, and elusive mule-deer venture out under the night sky. Daylight lingers long on the distant horizon and stars abound, only growing brighter the further away you get from downtown’s busy lights.

It is a wonderful way to meet people and stretch out those muscles

It’s a busy world these days and it is hard to find enough time in the day to do all the things you want. Knock two of them out at once! Plus, with this kind of night out, you can avoid that extra beer that makes Sunday a little slow. Instead, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and rewarded – perfect for heading out to Sunday brunch.

Revisit your childhood memories and experiences

Too often these days we are caught up in small talk, asking about work and replying how busy we are. Biking is exhilarating and there’s something about biking at night that elicits a feeling of pure childhood thrill. Remind yourself how good it feels to shed your schedules and responsibilities and spend an evening with less conversation and more grinning with your friends.

At the summer night ride series, each small group rides at their own pace, but most people like to take it easy and stop to chat along the way. Everyone looks out for one another, creating a sense of extra security. At the end of each night, the organizers grill up hamburgers and brats and have cold water on hand.

So what are you waiting for? Scottsdale is waiting for you. Have the best night of your life here!

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