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Belle Isle Park – A Paradise in Wayne County

Belle Isle Park – A Paradise in Wayne County

Michigan could be popular due to a lot of beautiful things. But one thing that stands out whenever people talk or visit this state is the paradise-like tourist hub that is located in one of its counties, namely Wayne County.

No one could argue about the beauty that is innate in this county. From many historical places that contribute to the richness of this county’s culture, to the breath of fresh you could gain by going through the many biking and hiking trails in this place, to the peaceful neighborhood that is composed of contemporary homes and skillfully crafted garage doors, Wayne County is a dream place for people of all walks of life. What more is that it is a possibility to have a glimpse of heaven as well when you travel to this place.

Sought-after tourist hubs

Belle Isle Park is a slice of heaven that is found in the Detroit River. It is the largest city-owned island park in the whole United States and from there, there are places where you could see a piece of Canada land.

One of the most remarkable thing about this island is that it is home to many hubs that have long become must-sought after destinations by travelers world over. Such includes the Belle Isle Aquarium, the Belle Isle Nature Zoo, and the Belle Isle Conservatory, among others.

Enjoy historical landmarks

The rich culture and history of this island is also shown due to the many landmarks dotting the place. Some of which were made in tribute to different people that made a significant impact to the island.

For instance, there is the SS Edmund Fitzgerald bow anchor which was a part of the largest ship to have sunk in the North America’s Great Lakes, the Nancy Brown Peace Carillon Clock with the inscription in front of it, and the James Scott Memorial Fountain which honors the same man who left $200,000 to Detroit for a fountain to be made in tribute to him. This is aside from the Dossin Great Lakes Museum which features the success stories and greatest tragedies in the maritime history of Detroit.

Recreational areas

Belle Isle Park in Wayne County is also not lacking when it comes to things to do. Aside from sites to visit, it also offers many recreational activities.

As it is an island, and a breathtaking one at that, a half-mile part of the island is dedicated as a swimming area. There are also many hiking and biking trails to explore where one could traverse wooded trail and have a glimpse of wildlife and their habitats. There is even a golf area and other places where one could play variety of sports. If you are into a more modern entertainment such as clubs and casinos, this island has that too in the form of the Belle Isle Casino.

Breathtaking views

This island in Detroit never disappoints when it comes to views that would take your breath away. Just being an island per se already gives you access to a beautiful sunrise and sunset. You could just sit back and enjoy the view because also visible is the picturesque cityscape of Detroit.

Since this is a well-preserved park, here could also be seen different types of wildlife, Michigans’s ferns, flora and fauna. Many different events also make the place more lively all throughout the year.

Belle Isle Park guarantees one enjoyment and great views upon visit. It never disappoints when it comes to giving you all your travel money’s worth. When you get to this island, there is no doubt that one would be in for an adventure pack day and more. Learn, explore and have fun while visiting a slice of heaven in Wayne County, Michigan – Belle Isle Park.

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