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The Beauty that is Wayne County

Thinking of dropping by Wayne County, Michigan soon? Planning to make it a part of your to-go list this year? Then you are making a great choice.

Wayne County is not a place that should be missed especially when you are headed to the state of Michigan or its vicinity. Its beauty shines all throughout the county with many views to see and historical places to visit. Even its nice neighborhood is to be on the look out for because of the amazing architecture that extends to the lawns and backyards. Most even have equally beautiful garage doors maintained by the best garage door service in town.

Belle Isle Park

When it comes to panoramic views in the Wayne County, Belle Isle Park brings you one of the most beautiful sanctuary in the state. It is home to bikers and hikers looking for a peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In here, you could also visit many different attractions such as the James Scott Memorial Foundation, Belle Isle Aquarium, Belle Isle Conservatory, Belle Isle Nature Zoo and Dosin Great Lakes Museum. Have fun checking out the different types of flora and fauna found in the city island park. You could also take a dip at a half-mile wide beach and check out the breathtaking view of Canada from here.

Rouge River Greenway Trail

There is nothing more relaxing than being enveloped by the freshness and natural beauty of nature. May it be a body of water or a rich wooded area of a forest.

Going through the several top rated trails of the Rouge River Greenway Trail in Dearborn would bring you such whether you choose an easy walking path or a bike trail. While you are on your way, don’t be surprised on the deers, turtles and waterfowls that may welcome you especially if you are going through the Clinton River Park Trail.

Henry Ford Estate

Home of the famous automaker Henry Ford and his wife Clara, the beauty of this estate never fails to render locals and tourists breathless up to this date. This is a real beauty to behold from afar and even more majestic up close.

The estate has several points to admire including the man-made lake, a pony barn, several gardens that house different plants and flowers, a green house, a skating house, birdhouses and so on. The list of the things to see in this estate is too long as it even includes a powerhouse hydropower plant that allows the property to create its own power.

Fort Wayne

Of course one thing that will never get lost on the list of most beautiful views in Wayne County is the Historic Fort Wayne.

This historical landmark is built in the 1840’s and served as Detroit’s third fort. It is a picturesque place that sits on a 96 acres of land. It includes a star-shaped fort, dry moat, tunnels, barracks, and garrison. It also hosts a number of events throughout the year thought summer months are always the most popular. But what is more interesting about this place is that it is also a ground for frequent ghost hunting expeditions among enthusiasts.

Wayne County is indeed nothing less than an amazing place to visit. The beauty that lies within its suburbs is something every traveller should be in the look out for. It is one place anyone shouldn’t miss.

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