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Arizona is the best place to live, here’s why…

Are you one of those people who is thinking about buying a beautiful house in Arizona and dreaming of a beautiful life there?

If so, then here are the important things to know about the Grand Canyon State. Make sure to take note of these things before relocating and buying that home you have been dreaming about with a carriage style garage door.

It is usually sunny in Arizona.

Yep, you got it right. It is more sun than rain or snow in Arizona. This is because the State only has two seasons made up of three months of winter and nine months of summer. This means that there is a lot of pool time fun to be had basking in the glorious Arizona sun. Take note, there is only about 12 inches of rain as compared to 200 plus days of sun in this state.

Arizona has a great monsoon season.

Even the non-sunny days in Arizona are great to talk about. This is because the monsoon season in this area consist of 10 to 20 minute shows of lighting, torrential downpours and haboobs or giant sandstorms.

Arizona’s landscape is breathtaking.

Fancy living in a place where the views are always amazing? Head on to Arizona with its mountain ranges, streets lined with palm trees, mountains, lakes, dessert, rivers and of course the Grand Canyon. Definitely a place where you would like to spend the rest of your life, surrounded by so much beauty. If you are an adventurous person, there is simply a lot of things you can do and explore in Arizona.

Fancy some snow?

If you are one of those people who gets tired of Arizona’s perpetual sunny days, there is no reason to be sad. Head up to Flagstaff for a full day where you can work on your gold or enjoy the slopes.

You will never waste any time in Arizona.

There is no more need to figure out your clocks for Daylight Saving Time. In Arizona, no time is wasted because the sun is basically always out there.

Great sports are always available in Arizona.

Are you a sports fanatic? If so, then Arizona is definitely the answer for your prayers as it has its fair share of sporting events. The Super Bowl is held in Arizona every five years, there is a regular MLB spring training and there is the annual PGA Tour event called the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Country Thunder

If you are a music fan, then join in the Country Thunder in Arizona. It is a four-day event of country music, binge drinking and cowboy outfits. Only in Arizona will you see about 75,000 shirtless cowboys singing to a country song.


There is no need to get bored in Arizona. If you find the sceneries to be limiting and the desert heat too stifling, it is easy to head off from Arizona to the beaches of California. The trip is just about five hours. Meanwhile, if you just want to get on the high stakes wheels, Las Vegas is only a four-hour drive.


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