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As they say, not all things are created equal. And such is likewise true of garage doors.

Garage Doors differ in designs, styles, materials, colors and many other things, including insulation. Some garage doors are insulated, most are not. A lot of homeowners do not really insulate their garage doors, usually because it is an added expense. For those whose garage doors are stand-alone or not attached to their houses, having an uninsulated door may be acceptable. But no matter what kind of climate you have – whether you live in an area with cold or hot weather – it pays to have your door insulated.

A1 Garage Door Service recommends that you take the time to know the importance and benefits of insulating your garage door.

1. An insulated garage door is energy efficient.

If your garage door is insulated, it will definitely keep most of the cold out during the winter as well as the warmth during the heat of the summer. This is important if you use your garage as an extension of your living space, a utility room or if it has an attached bedroom or space at the top. This means that you will have to generate less heat and thus more savings on electricity. This is also good for the planet as it will require less carbon footprint. Just remember, the effectiveness of your insulation is measured by its R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.

2. An insulated garage door protects your car.

When the weather is freezing, it is oftentimes difficult to get your car started. An insulated garage door will usually keep the temperature of your garage at least 20 degrees warmer than the outside, thus protecting your car and enhancing its performance. Likewise, if you are living in an area with warm climate, your insulated garage door will protect your car from getting too hot.

3. An insulated garage door acts as a buffer between the weather outside and your living spaces.

This is especially true when you have your garage connected to your home. Your garage serves as your buffer from the weather outside. No matter how cold or hot it is, an insulated garage door will protect your living spaces from abrupt changes in temperature.

4. An insulated garage door is more durable.

If you have an insulated garage door, it is likely to be more durable compared to non-insulated ones which are prone to denting or creasing.

A garage door can have two different types of insulation – polyurethane or polystyrene – both of which can strengthen your garage door and make it more durable.

Polystyrene insulation is made up of sheets that are used to fill the gaps in your garage door and then sandwiched between the front and back panels. This type of insulation usually has R-values that range from 3.7 to 7.4. Meanwhile, polyurethane insulation is in liquid form. It is then injected into the door cavity in order to fill up all gaps and spaces. In this way, it provides for a higher R value of 11 and above and a stronger door.

5. An insulated garage door is less noisy.

If you choose to have your garage door insulated, it will usually be quieter to operate as compared to a non-insulated one. At the same time, it has the benefit of keeping the noise out, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet even if you live in a busy street.

6. An insulated garage door adds to the value of your home.

Having an insulated garage door has the added benefit of improving the value of your home and can even increase its resale value. This is because of all the cost-effectiveness that an insulated garage door can bring.

Always remember that if you want your garage door insulated, you should always consider getting the best in the industry – A1 Garage Door Service. Our team of experienced, professional technicians can properly advise you on the best type of insulation suitable to your garage door. What’s more, our advice and cost estimates come for FREE. We will even throw in amazing deals and discounts.

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