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Albuquerque – A Wonderful Place to Soar

Albuquerque is no doubt one of the best places to be in New Mexico. Home to fine and rich cultural Spanish heritage that could still be physically witnessed through the grand and sprawling residential architectures with their equally beautiful custom-made garage door and the historical museums that dotted the area, this town also boast many picturesque places that attract hundreds and thousands of tourists worldwide.

Aside from the natural panoramas it boasts, Albuquerque is also popular due to the many events it hosts annually. One of the most well-known and well-participated probably, is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Albuquerque – home to gigantic balloons in the sky

Most people would agree that when we speak of Albuquerque, the first things that usually come into mind are the colossal balloons that are inflated and made to fly in the sky every October.

People come from various parts of the country just to witness and take part of the annual International Balloon Fiesta where more than 500 balloons of all sizes, colors, shapes, and even characters are filled the sky for people to witness.

During this time of the year in Albuquerque, it never fails to amaze and entertain people to see uniquely-shaped balloons sail in the sky. Soda products are a common participants and yearly, people who participate just gets more and more creative.

For the past years, people already witnessed beautiful animal balloons participating. There were also various characters from movies, and television shows. Different types of animal, flowers and trees are also present. Definitely, popular icons are not lost.

For 9-days, people get to witness this from almost any part of Albuquerque. It has become one of the most awaited views from the windows of locals and an amazing treats for tourists.

Events and Competitions

The International Balloon Fiesta is not just a feast for spectators but also a craving to competitive individuals who love challenges and adventure.

One of the most awaited competitions is the Fiesta Challenge. Here, there is a designated place to serve as a target. The goal is for the balloonists to drop the marker in the place. The one with the marker that lands closest to the target wins.

There is a competition featuring piloting, skills, and speed. The America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race is also part of thee challenges in this event where long-distance gas balloons are inflated, launched and made to travel the farthest.

Since this is an international competition that features balloonists from other countries, there is also the Flight of the Nation’s Mass Ascension. Balloonists from each country launch their rides one at a time while their national anthem is being played and their flag being waved.

Aside from competitions, there are also cultural exhibitions that people can enjoy. This contributes largely to the income of the locals and the economy of Albuquerque as a whole.

Inspiration to artisans

The International Balloon Fiesta does not simply signify a must-see attraction for every individual. To some, it also plays a role as an inspiration for their craft.

With the high festive vibe running through people during the event, it is not surprising that many artists also found their inspiration in this event. Not only once was this annual gathering been a subject in an artist’s canvass. In fact, many professional and aspiring artisans from different places intentionally come here for a chance of another sketch or another painting or simply another photograph that could express their feelings and showcase their talents.

Truly, with all the surrounding vibe you can get by just being a part of this gathering would take your stress away and just inspire you to make better of the next day.

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