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Albuquerque: The Underrated Gem of New Mexico

There is nothing Albuquerque is more known for than the presence of colossal and colorful balloons every October. Known to be the most populous city in Mexico, Albuquerque hosts the annual International Balloon Fiesta that is visited by hundreds and thousands of people from every walk of life every October.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is so far, the largest hot air festival in the world. It is a 9-day event that features more than 500 balloons each year, all of which incorporates unique designs, shapes, colors and even characters. For the given period, people get to watch participating balloonists compete with each other in different challenges that test their piloting skills, accuracy, speed and even endurance. This is in the while enjoying the vibrant culture of the city.

However, aside from the balloon festival, Albuquerque has many more tourist attractions than we give it credit for.

A place for every individual

Albuquerque is home to every individual of different tastes and interests. Whether you just wish for a refreshing adventure to jump start another week or just wish to relax surrounded by panoramic views, this city is simply the place for you.

In fact, you’ll get to enjoy many different events all year long! From events that features the city’s beautiful and rich culture, to events that exhibit strength and endurance of an individual – this city is simply the place to be.

If you are into more into visiting historical landmarks, digging into historical accounts and interested in viewing physical evidences of the bygones, this city will cultivate you. For a start, you can visit the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History to give you an in-depth look into this city’s past. For just $4 you get to see spectacular artifacts dating hundreds of years before. While you are at it, you can also take a few steps to the New Mexico Museum of National History and Science. You’ll have a blast looking into the geologic history of the area and getting up close and personal with dinosaurs skeletons that inhabited our past.

You can also visit some of the tourists’ top rated attractions in the area such as the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Kimo Theatre, and Paseo del Bosque among others. If you time your visit right, you’ll be lucky to witness at least one traditional dance from the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

While you’re taking a stroll, take time to admire as well the grand and unique residential architecture in the area. Some Spanish-inspired, others already integrated modern architectural style that boarders from modern contemporary to ostentatious European architecture. Take an inspiration from their beautiful landscape with matching one-of-a-kind garage doors.

If you missed your chance to be at the International Balloon Fiesta, you’d still feel the vibe and wonder when you visit the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum. Named after two Albuquerque natives who established several firsts in ballooning, this museum is dedicated in featuring everything that has to do with ballooning.

If you want to be more physical, you can always go hiking and mountain biking!

Of course, before you leave, there is no way you should miss the Sandia Peak Tramway. This gives you a superb view of the sprawling Albuquerque. Witness ski slopes and wilderness hiking trails while aboard this stunning ride.

Living the Albuquerque life

Like any other cities, Albuquerque at night features a sparkling nightlife. Enjoy local cuisine while perched on the roof of Hotel Parq Central at the Apothecary Lounge, thump with the best live music in Southwest at Burt’s Tiki Lounge, or just relax at the laid-back atmosphere of the O’Niell’s Irish Pub. No matter what you choose, you’ll go back to your accommodation at the end of the day, satisfied and happy.

You can visit the majestic Sandia Resort and Casino if you’re not ready to end the night yet.

No matter what, Albuquerque is simply the place to be for long vacations, short-term trips and even just to unwind a little. This is simply one spectacular gem found only in the beautiful New Mexico.

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