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August 1, 2017 By

Elation. That’s the word A1 Garage Door Service & Repair’s 2017 scholarship winner Abdul-Aziz “Aziz” Muhammed used to describe how he felt after learning he beat out more than 80 other applicants to secure the $1,000 scholarship for school.

Aziz, 21, hails from Stafford, Texas, and credits his four younger sisters with helping him score the coveted prize, which he won after creating a video outlining their ideas for how to market a long-running, if not entirely glamorous, garage door repair service.

“They were cooking in the kitchen, and I came in with my dry-erase board,” he said. “We sat it on the countertop and started filling it in with a plethora of creative ideas.”

From ways to expand the business’s social media presence to ideas for specialized apps that would streamline communications between clients and repair technicians, Aziz’s video outlines what they came up with during that brainstorm session. Though he doesn’t have a marketing background, Aziz has a vested interest and plans to continue in the service industry, as does A1 Garage Door Service and Repair Owner Tommy Mello, who awards the $1,000 scholarship each year to reward students that demonstrate strong potential in marketing and business. Mello launched and operated his own successful business for years before returning to school to continue his education, and he created the scholarship with the hope that it would encourage others to take similar steps in pursuing certifications and degrees.

“Aziz is exactly what this scholarship is about,” Mello said. “He’s sharp, and he’s hungry. He has a clear path he wants to follow, and he’s doing whatever it takes to get there.”

See the winning video below.

The winner says he plans to put the money toward university housing and related costs while he pursues his engineering degree, which he plans to follow up with a Master of Engineering he hopes to earn as an international student at a program in South Korea. He one day hopes to open his own business specializing in electronic sensors so that he can offer more job opportunities in his area, which he says are currently limited.

“I really want to provide jobs, because that’s something I feel is really lacking here,” he said.
“I want to be able to do that for the people here who want to work.”

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