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A1 Garage Door Service Names College Scholarship Recipient

August 14, 2015 By

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.(August 8, 2015) – One local college student has an additional $1,000 for school this fall thanks to her inventive approach to marketing a long-running, if not entirely glamorous, garage door repair service.

Lisa Martinez-Lopez of Phoenix completed an essay answering the question, “How can a company selling garage door repair service stand out from the crowd?” and her innovative response and suggested solutions earned her the first-ever scholarship from Phoenix-based A1 Garage Door Service.

“Lisa clearly gave the question careful consideration, and her suggestions indicate a sharp eye for business and marketing in a modern climate,” said A1 Entrepreneur and Owner Tommy Mello, who created the scholarship to reward students with strong potential in economics and marketing after securing his own master’s degree in business. “To stay relevant in today’s service industry, you need to constantly reinvent yourself and cater to different ages and demographics, and Lisa’s ideas allow us to do exactly that.”

Among the suggestions offered in Martinez-Lopez’s nearly 1,000-word essay was for A1 to devise a garage door smartphone app that would give the homeowner or renter the ability to operate the garage door from anywhere with the simple touch of a button. Unlike garage door remotes, which are often misplaced, bulky or in a different vehicle than may be needed, the app would allow owners to open and close the door from anywhere while using something most modern customers have within arm’s reach at all times – a smartphone. Furthermore, security features would notify homeowners if anyone attempts to access the home through the garage while they are absent or out of town.

Another of Martinez-Lopez’s suggestions involved streamlining A1’s existing “Contact Us” website feature to make it more user-friendly and customizable. Rather than simply submitting one’s information for a free estimate, she reasoned, the feature could be enhanced to allow for additional options, such as suggesting desired dates for a home visit.

“Lisa’s suggestions will better help us attract the younger demographic, and will help A1 customers of all ages enhance security and peace of mind when out of the house,” Mello said. “We’re honored to have the ability to help her continue her education and spread more of her great ideas to those facing similar struggles.”

To be eligible for this year’s scholarship, students had to be enrolled full-time in an accredited high school, college or university, hold at least a 2.5 GPA and submit an application and marketing plan to be reviewed by a team of local marketing professionals.

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